“How to start eating healthier?” A lot of us look for answers to this question, especially at the beginning of every year. Together with exercising, many people include dieting and healthy eating in their New Year’s resolutions. However, it is very common for people to give up along the way as they find it difficult to sustain their chosen diet or way of eating. More often than not, this is because they didn’t start right. If you’ve been checking out top medical magazines and websites for secrets to finally maintain a proper diet and achieve your New Year’s resolutions, you’ve come to the right place!

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Why You Should Start Eating Healthier, Anyway?

Several research and studies have linked poor diet and eating habits to the development of diseases. When health practitioners advise their patients to eat well to live healthy, they’re not saying that out of whim or habit. Maintaining a good diet can help improve your quality of life. What you put in your body affects every cell and organ in your body. A good diet also matters in mental health. After all, it is one of the crucial factors of holistic health.

How to Start Eating Healthier – 5 Ways to a Sustainable Diet

Your healthy eating journey is more likely to succeed if you’re armed with the right information. It will also help to know which foods you can add to your healthy diet plan. If you’ve been reading articles and checking out healthy recipes from foreign top medical magazines and websites, it’s highly possible you got tips and info that are based on a Western diet. The problem with this is often, the ingredients used in the recipes are not available or difficult to find locally in the Philippines. So, to help you start — and continue — your diet the right way, we’ve made sure to give tips that Filipinos won’t have trouble following.

1. Say no to processed foods.

Hotdogs, meatloaf, instant noodles, microwaveable meals, cereals, chips, cakes, pastries, and bread are just a few examples of processed foods that are widely available in the market and grocery stores. They are easier to prepare and cook, and they’re generally cheap. However, the more a food item or ingredient goes through processing and refinement, the unhealthier it is.  As much as possible, stick to whole foods. These are food choices that go through as little processing as possible. Examples are vegetables, fruits, whole grains, meats, eggs, and fish.

2. Avoid sugary drinks.

Milk tea, frappe, artificial juices, and soft drinks — they’re everywhere, they’re delicious, and they’re very unhealthy. You probably already know that sugary drinks regularly can greatly increase one’s risk for obesity and diabetes type 2. But did you know they can also lead to liver damage and cause premature aging? They can even trigger anxiety. 

Drink lots of water to make sure you stay hydrated and avoid craving sugary drinks for refreshment. If you prefer your drink tasty, try infusing it with fruits such as cucumber and lemon.


3. Use a smaller plate.

Psychologists say that eating on a big plate could trick your mind into thinking that you haven’t eaten enough especially if you don’t fill it with food. Use a smaller plate if you’re aiming to consume smaller portions and servings.

4. Snack on nuts and seeds.

One of the reasons why people get fat is that most of the time, they eat when they’re bored, not hungry. If you like munching on something while watching TV or while working, avoid processed chips and snacks. Go for nuts and seeds (yes, butong-pakwan and butong-kalabasa are in!) They are great sources of protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals such as zinc and calcium.

5. Add probiotics to your diet.

Probiotics aid in the maintenance of good gut health. Try incorporating foods that contain probiotics into your diet, such as probiotic drinks, yogurt, soft cheeses, and apple cider vinegar. You can also take probiotic supplements. Just make sure that you’re buying the right product. To know what to look for, check out one of our guest articles on probiotics.

How to Start Eating Healthier This 2023? Focus on Health

A lot of people begin fad diets because they want to lose weight and achieve their ideal figure. However, those can be considered superficial goals that are easier to set aside. When you focus on wanting to become healthier, you’re more likely to stick to healthy eating habits. As you go along, losing weight and having that dream figure will certainly follow!


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